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Interested in applying
for your 501c3?
"Enjoy our years of experience and our 100% money back guarantee! "

Solid Rock Consulting offers over ten years experience working with non profits and a proven process that helps non profit organizations gain their tax exemption status. Our process begins with an in depth phone interview to ensure we understand the needs of your nonprofit, followed by our 3 phase application process. 

Our 3 phase process begins with ensuring your nonprofit is legally form with your division of corporation. This is a critical phase and must be performed with care as it is the phase that the rest of the paperwork will be built on. Your state articles of incorporation must contain very specific clauses to be considered tax exempt by the Internal Revenue Service. 


Once your state paperwork has been accepted by your division of corporation, we submit the appropriate federal paperwork. The federal phase can take anywhere from 90 to 180 days to receive a determination letter from the IRS and complete. However, our clients typically receive their determination in less then 45 days. 

Our final phase is obtaining your state's consumer certificate. Your consumer certificate is a state level certificate that allows you to be exempt from state sales tax. This phase is commonly overlooked but often *required. 

Phase 1:State
Phase 2:Federal
Phase 3:State

*Phase 3 is based on state requirements.

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